Collaborating Operational Services for Scientific Researchers (COSSR) is an independent, self-sustaining, not-profit multidisciplinary contract research company conducting research and development in the areas of special significance to industry, government agencies and other organizations.

To integrate the knowledge of Science and service delivery system for consumers and stakeholders

To pursue excellence in science and contribute towards the empowerment of Uganda and the world by tapping,  nurturing, and harnessing of latent talents.

To develop a strong network of innovators and keep them actively engaged with  exploring the heights  of science, Research, and Technology

Research Concept

Foundational Research and Early-Stage or Exploratory Research contributes to core knowledge in education. Core knowledge includes basic understandings of teaching and learning, such as cognition; components and processes involved in learning and instruction; the operation of education systems; and models of systems and processes.

Product Development

Product and process oriented research and development (PPORD) is defined as any scientific development related to product development or the further development of a substance, on its own, in preparations or in articles in the course of which pilot plant or production trials are used to develop the production process and/or to test the fields of application of the substance.

Consultancy Services

Consulting summarizes some of the key global trends which are making it more difficult for developing countries to replicate the fast growth experience of the developing countries.
The main argument of this is that technology is an increasingly important element of globalization and of

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